Nourishing creativity

Nourishing creativity through Enrichment

To enhance and develop interests beyond the curriculum, we commit hours each week to the Arts, and Environmental Studies.


Creative Arts and Theatre

We recognize the great value arts and theatre bring to the children and incorporate music, visual arts, dance, and drama activities into our program. Our students enjoy weekly music, performing art, and fine arts classes.

We hire specialized teachers for all of these enrichment areas, thus connecting us with incredible talent in the community.

Being a small school we are able to create a yearly musical theatre production which includes every student. We have witnessed amazing personal growth in students who in kindergarten would not dare to get on stage, and by age 9 or 10, ask for more and more lines!

SSCS Arts & Explorations 

Through our weekly Arts & Explorations program, students gain practical experience in classes such as: digital photography, textile arts, woodworking, culinary arts, cultural crafts, science, dance, etc.


Environmental Education and Horticulture

With such incredible surroundings as a resource, we take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible. Weekly whole school walks on the Woodland Trail, pond studies and gardening all offer students opportunities to develop vital understandings of our natural world. As an actively Green School have regular whole school initiatives such as litterless lunch and energy saving challenges.

Our students help maintain our own greenhouse and certified organic garden plot, where they plant and grow heritage plants and vegetables. The yearlong Gardening program teaches the students about weather, soil health, and how plants survive in ecosystems around the world. We present our garden projects in the Fall Fair each year.