Promoting curiosity

Promoting Curiosity through our Enriched Curriculum

Academic Program
Our program focuses on educating the whole child — with attention given not only to academic achievement, but also to developing successful social skills, conflict resolution strategies, creative self-expression and emotional well being. Each child’s individual capabilities are recognized and celebrated, with the objective of building self-confidence and enabling him or her to feel empowered to move forward and meet challenges knowing they can succeed.

Beyond the Curriculum
Using the BC curriculum as a framework for students to learn the required material, we expand the academic expectations to prepare our students for increased challenges beyond our school. Referring to the Montessori curriculum, which involves advanced global, cultural, and scientific understandings, our teachers inspire students to learn about their world in exciting and innovative ways. We believe in following the natural curiosity and self- determination which evolve in young children, offering them opportunities to make connections and continue to seek knowledge.

Our students enjoy French language classes twice/week, beginning in Kindergarten.

PE Program
Our physical education program includes informal hockey games on the blacktop, basketball (for those tall enough), soccer on the field below the school, weekly yoga through the winter months, a gymnastics series at Fulford Hall, tennis lessons at Portlock Park, track and field and swim lessons. In addition each class has daily P.E. time to learn cooperative games and develop physical skills.