why choose SSCS?

Ask your child what he or she likes about school, and you will probably hear “recess.” When students at the Centre school were asked what they would tell a family or child about their school, here is what some said: “learning is so much fun,” “best teachers,” “there’s no bullying allowed,” “you get a lot of time outside and there’s a big garden,” and “we do science and researching.”

Grade 3 student Sophie Kornelson would ask “Do you like awesome teachers and fun, exciting and mysterious classes? Well if you do, come here!”

Grade 6 student Jacob Richardson described the school by stating “At other schools, it’s about the answers. At the Centre School, it is about the questions.”

We operate under a beautifully simple set of rules:

  •  We care for feelings.
  •  We care for bodies.
  •  We care for things.
  •  We respect learning for others and ourselves.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer a secure educational environment in which a child’s inherent
love of learning is celebrated. Our aim is to foster independent learners who are
confident in meeting challenges, academically, emotionally and socially.


We intend to build community, instill confidence, nourish creativity, promote
curiosity, and practice compassion for generations to come.


We believe that:

  • Early schooling experiences shape our attitudes and confidence for life.
  • Education is largely an individual matter – children should be recognized for
    their own capabilities and learning styles, and be provided opportunities to
    further pursue interests.
  • Children should gain skills and develop their abilities without undue stress or
    competition, thereby encouraging self-confidence, independence, and
    responsibility for their own learning.
  • An atmosphere of loving support, positive values and respect allows for the
    development of lifelong learners and confident individuals.


We provide:

  • Small class sizes where individual learning is child-centered, providing
    opportunities for exploration, group cooperation, and confidence building.
  •  A sound academic foundation following B.C. Ministry of Education
    curriculum guidelines, one which promotes individual achievement and
    progression in core subjects through the years.
  • A talented, dedicated staff who model self-discovery and respect.
  • Enrichment in the areas of music, multicultural celebrations, theatre
    arts, visual arts, French, gardening, and environmental education.
  • A dynamic, motivating and respectful learning environment where
    everyone feels successful.
  • Ongoing lessons, guidance and experience in peacekeeping, social
    problem-solving, and the Virtues Project.
  • A caring community partnership of parents, staff, and students.

All this can be summed up in our 5 “C”s ~

building community
nourishing creativity
instilling confidence
promoting curiosity
practicing compassion