The Primary Years

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The overriding goal of children in this age group is the development of self as an individual being. This goal gives the primary child an egocentric focus. Monumental brain development and self-formation is taking place as the child acquires physical awareness, coordination, will, independence and language.

During these times the child is sensitive to discovery of order in the environment, attention to precision, interest in minute objects, and counting objects. For example; primary students are not just interested in colour but in classifying and categorizing shades of colour, shades of red now become redder, reddest and so forth.


Mariko Ihara –Kindergarten, Sarah Currie – Grade 1-2

An important natural characteristic of the young child is curiosity. With the child in mind, the classrooms are set up to be child-friendly and accessible. Open spaces offer an environment where the children can enjoy each other and their learning experiences. The materials are clean, re-usable and enticing. The uniquely-developed materials can be used by children of all levels and abilities. Opportunities for learning are at the hands of the children, who choose materials off the shelves from centers such as hands-on math, phonetics-based language activities, geography materials, art materials, and more.

Mariko and Sarah aim to provide a nurturing and safe environment in which children can develop independence and their love of learning.

Enrichment Classes

*Art, French, Music, Gardening, and Performing Arts are taught in the whole school, and multicultural celebrations and events happen throughout the year.

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