In this stage of development exploration of the world tends to shift from the concrete to the abstract. During the elementary years the childs focus shifts from individual formation to development as a social being. Slowly the child is beginning to distance himself from his family and friends take on a new importance.

Physical changes are taking place as baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, legs grow longer and bodies generally become taller. Physical strength and stability gives the child stamina and energy. Intermediate children are adventuresome and “rough and tough”. They enjoy facing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Mentally, intermediate children are capable of great effort and concentration. Their intellectual curiosity is limitless. They take in new information in order to re-form it and connect it to what they already know. Research suggests that the frontal cortex of the brain is not a storage place but is in constant formation and re-formation. Now the children’s appetite for knowledge is huge. They are not satisfied with bits and pieces of isolated information; they want to attain the whole of knowledge.

Teacher: Zara King

Since intermediate children love to explore and connect learning to real life situations, Zara teaches in a cross curricular manner integrating several subjects into each lesson. In a whole class setting Zara often gives the overview of a lesson and then students are encouraged to explore one aspect of the topic that interests them the most. Students are given the freedom to work individually, but they are encouraged to collaborate with a partner of their choice in order to foster team work and help meet the social needs of their age group. Students in Zara’s class are encouraged to research topics using as many different types of resources as possible, for example; books, interviews, observations, oral history, community archives and internet.

In order to meet the energetic, physical needs of this age group, Zara incorporates a physical education program into her daily class schedule including such themes as; ball skills, gymnastics, track and field, and co-operative play-based games.

Enrichment Classes

*Art, French, Music, Gardening, and Performing Arts are taught in the whole school, and multicultural celebrations and events happen throughout the year.