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Reading Month/Off-Screen Challenge

We have chosen this month to intensify and emphasize the skill, the beauty, and the love of reading. Please take every opportunity to support, encourage, teach, guide, listen, and show your love for reading.

Highlights of the month:

SSCS READ-IN is the official start of our Reading Month and we are celebrating with a school-wide Read-In/Pyjama Day!

DAILY READING LOG: Fill in your reading log each time you read. We will add up and celebrate the total number of hours that the Centre School students read over the month.

OFF-SCREEN CHALLENGE: 17 days non-consecutively of no TV, no computer (unless it is expressly to read or research), no electronic games, no technology! Remember to keep track on the calendar provided, and everyone who accumulates 17 days will participate in a fun group activity!

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS: Student teams will read 5 pre-selected books (some reading will take place during class time and books can also be checked out through your classroom teacher for reading at home) and meet for lunch-time “battles” where they will answer questions about the books. The winning team will celebrate with a dance party!

READ OUT: We will celebrate our success and joy of reading by adding up all of our reading minutes and having a movie and popcorn party!

We hope you have fun this month – develop new interests, play some fun games, enjoy each other’s company, and, most of all, READ some great books!